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My name is Moya Sweeney and I am your average 22 year old music lover with too much to say, so naturally like any functioning Millennial, decided that the Internet was an obvious choice of outlet for my music related outbursts. A completely safe space to voice your opinion without consequences. Ask Donald Trump.

Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and definitely in the parts that I cannot. I am convinced that my father played Van Morrison and The Beatles to me, a poor defenceless toddler, when I really should have been enjoying an episode of Barney over a Petit Filous. This immersion in music from a young age has fuelled my interest in the sounds around me, how they make us feel and how we interact with them.

I am a button accordion player, accordioniste, player of buttons. Irish traditional music was my first love (or maybe it was Tim from High 5, I'm unsure) and it continues to shape my musical career and listening habits. I am a musician, bodhrán tutor, obsessive tea drinker and lover of good music. This platform will highlight the most influential performers in the genre, while also uncovering some hidden gems and best kept secrets along the way.

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