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Writing and Rebranding

Well then. It’s been a while.

After a university induced hiatus (which was treated with copious cups of tea and a lot of K-pop), I’ve finally regained the strength to do anything other than binge watch Friends for what feels like the 500th time. Although it’s been rough, it has also been a very musically busy summer, which is not something I thought I would be saying for a long time. Between graduating with a First-Class Honours in my music degree, to screaming curtain cues from the lighting box in a theatre (YES, AN ACTUAL THEATRE, WITH AN ACTUAL LIVE THEATRE PERFORMANCE), Bellow’d took a back seat.

Who am I kidding? It took a back seat on a completely different bus. Heading the opposite direction. On Mars.

Now that I have exhausted every other possible way of talking about music (and driving my friends insane in the process), I’ve decided that it’s about time that I start putting it in writing again and driving the wider community equally as insane. And with that, Bellow’d got a little facelift.

Designed by Ciara Gill

And doesn’t she look gorgeous, folks?

A massive thank you to the incredibly talented Ciara Gill for designing my brand spanking new logo and making me look like a little Disney princess, it’s made me very happy, I have to say. Make sure to check out Ciara’s other work on her Instagram page, she is a magician.

This marks a new chapter for Bellow’d and the type of content that I will be publishing, which will be focused on anything that sparks my interest and curiosity, regardless of genre (whatever that is). I think that operating in the pocket between black and white (which is grey I suppose?) is where the most fascinating and inspiring music is created, where even if an idea does not make sense right now, you follow it anyway, no questions asked. I understand that this is substantially different to my initial mission statement, which was essentially trad nothing but the trad, but I believe that although this music will continue to play (ba dum *cymbal crash*) a very important role, there is an infinite number of other musical elements that I want to talk about.

Hopefully you will listen.

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